'Tis the Season

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Over the years Vorsight has developed a few traditions around the holiday season.  It all started with participating in Salvation Army’s annual Angel Tree program.  For this tradition, we like to have any employee who would like to participate donate as much as they’d like and then Vorsight will in turn match the final donation.  The exciting part is gathering at least 10 Vorsighters at our local Target to shop for each child.  You can only imagine the faces on every Target team members face as we show up with at least 20 carts of toys and clothes at a register.  And over the years our pockets have gotten deeper, hearts bigger, and toys larger.

secret santa


But in the past two years the sharing hasn’t ended with just helping the needy.  We’ve started looking inward and began our new tradition, Secret Santa.  Now we all know how Secret Santa works; sometimes you get a gag gift or something really thoughtful.  But what could seem like a simple fun game has turned out to be a really cool way to get to know your colleagues and build camaraderie.  With a vastly growing company like Vorsight it’s easy to get swept up in the next new project or account.  It’s traditions like adopting a charity or a good game of Secret Santa that really brings people together.  

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