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optical_resumeHow do you avoid the online resume “Black Hole?”

Jobseekers have complained about this problem to us for 15 years. WELL, WE LISTENED!!

While significant digital technological advancements have been made in the last 50 years, the traditional resume and interviewing process has not changed. The one recurring comment we have heard throughout the years from candidates is “I just want employers to see my face and hear my voice!”

Our goal has always been to give the sales candidate an opportunity to sell themselves in a true Face to Face format where real impact, professionalism and presentation skills are able to shine through. Optical Resume ™ will revolutionize the job search and interviewing process beginning with moving candidates from using a static, one dimensional, paper resume to a 3-Dimensional, multi-media presentation that enables candidates to market themselves unlike ever before.

Face to Face is the goal:

Whether physically at the Sales Career Forum ™ or digitally with Optical Resume ™, this new format it will allow the jobseeker and employer to take the interviewing process to the next level. Do you feel that there are elements on your resume that need further explaining, such as gaps in employment or the appearance of job hopping?

Instead of an antiquated written cover letter, you can explain these things verbally within your Optical Resume™. Optical Resume will give members and applicants the ability to post a 3½ minute video resume presentation on their SITC profile. A traditional resume is nothing more than a piece of paper while an Optical Resume ™ will allow candidates to promote themselves and their talents in a multi-dimensional format. By presenting relative sales experience, lack of sales experience, job progression, work history, educational qualifications as well as explanations for employment gaps or excessive job movement in such a media-rich format, it will allow you to build and manage an online message about your career portfolio that will stand out from the crowd.

The Better Resume

This “Better” resume and video cover letter can include personal bio info, past project highlights, presentations, samples of work and awards. This is your opportunity to allow employers to easily discover what separates you from the pack. For years our recruiters have served as the eyes and ears for our clients, meeting with thousands of sales professionals a month. Now, our corporate partners can actually view your member profile and contact “good-fit” candidates directly.

OPTICAL RESUME, “it’s the next best thing to actually being there Face to Face!”