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Stick out from the crowd!

Sales in the City™ is all about allowing our member sales professionals the opportunity to obtain the desired exposure that is right for them. There are many levels that you can choose to do to enhance your member profile.

SITC will provide job seekers with the following
job search and profile enhancement options:
  • Sales Career Forums ™ – Sales-only recruiting event where jobseekers can meet and interview directly with hiring managers of TOP companies in the sales industry.
  • Search Job Postings – Search by company, industry, location, compensation and more
  • Create 3-D Member Profile/Post Resume – Build and Manage your SITC Professional Sales Online Member Profile. You will have the ability to Create, Post and Share your multi-media profile with resume attached on SITC which will be portable across other online job and networking sites (when and where available.) Your SITC member profile should be updated regularly and should remain active as long as you are a sales professional. Better access to information, industry trends, job hiring forecasts and key networking opportunities are some of the reasons to stay connected through your Sales In the City™ profile. Be connected, stay connected!
  • Photo Profile – Add a headshot photo of yourself from waist/chest up in PROFESSIONAL BUSINESS ATTIRE to add visual impact to your profile and show employers who may be coming to work for them. Men should be in a suit and tie, Women should be in a business suit or professional business attire. Unlike other online business networking sites, we highly recommend that your SITC photo follow the stated guidelines above. No photos in casual attire or casual settings. Try to keep them more business professional in appropriateness.
  • Pitch 30 ™ – Increase the depth and interest in your profile. Add a 30-45 second video introduction of yourself in professional business suit. The Pitch 30™ video is a QUICK 30 second elevator pitch of who you are and adds a 3rd dimension to your platform. It should cover the following info ONLY.
    1. Name (First name only, preferred)
    2. Education information – Undergraduate degree & GPA, Post graduate degrees.
    3. Years of sales experience and industry
    4. Current or last position held and brief statement of purpose/interest such as “I’m a non-jobseeking member” or “I’m looking for my next sales challenge” or “I’m a recent college graduate looking to break into sales” etc.. Stay away from rambling on about yourself. Quick and succinct is better here. Must be 30-45 seconds. Pitch 30™…. Can be The perfect FIRST IMPRESSION!!      
  • Optical Resume ™ – A 3 ½  minute SITC member video in which you can discuss in detail information highlighted in a cover letter such as sales experience, job history, job hopping and transferrable skill sets a more complete and comprehensive manner. Anything that you would put in writing and send to a prospective employer should be contained in your Optical Resume™. Why write it, when you now can say it!
  • Bold/Highlight & Feature Resume – Have your resume stand out by bolding the font and featuring your resume brings it to the top of any client search results. This is very important as search results at the top of the page get more attention and a higher connection rate than Non-Bolded and Non-Featured resumes.
  • Job Alerts – Automatic notifications as jobs are posted that match your profile, sales experience or company selections
  • Resume Examples – Coming soon…
  • Resume writing tips & Service Coming soon..
  • Interview Tips – See Ask the Expert section.