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Sales in the City™ recognizes the importance of a diverse and inclusive workforce. That is why we support the efforts of college students of diverse ethnic backgrounds dedicated to pursuing a career in the sales industry. Many of our clients have Diversity and Inclusion initiatives to increase their pipeline of qualified diversity professionals and our goal is to provide direct access between employers and jobseekers.
The SITC Diversity & Sales Scholarship provide funds to diverse college students that have demonstrated their pursuit of a career professional sales.

Critical requirements for candidates interested in receiving consideration for SITC diversity & sales scholarships are as follows:
Diverse ethnic group member through self-identification
Currently enrolled in an accredited college or university for undergraduate or graduate studies.
Minimum undergraduate overall GPA of 3.0 or above

The following criteria increase chances of receiving consideration

  • Past or current sales experience
  • Past or current formal sales training
  • Past or current college internships
  • Taking college sales courses for major/minor curriculum or electives
  • Participation in any formal college sales competitions
  • Member of a college sports team

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