SITC is dedicated to providing a positive experience for our clients and members. SITC researches, tracks and monitors activity to promote a secure online environment that instills confidence in our users. Help us fight fraud and abuse and protect yourself and our community by reporting any suspicious activity, fraudulent job postings, Phishing scams and any inappropriate content/profiles.

Signs of fraudulent jobs or email communication:

  • You are being asked to provide information that the company should already have or shouldn’t need to know such as: user name and password, payment information, banking information, credit card numbers with security code, Date of Birth, Driver’s License number, or even Social Security Number.
  • The message uses threatening, urgent or alarming language in regards to your account access; e.g. “Your account has been suspended,” “Security Update Required,” “New software download required for continued access,” etc.
  • Hovering your mouse pointer over the link, or viewing the source message, reveals a URL that does not appear related to the company supposedly sending you the message.
  • The link within the message is a truncated (shortened or tiny size) URL which then redirects you to the actual web site.
  • The message contains spelling errors, grammatical errors, awkward wording or phrases, or a combination of all of these.
  • The message includes attachments that you are asked to download or open.

Please contact us to report any suspicious activity or possible fraud