Diversity Spotlight™


diversity_spotlightA “diversity initiative” is an organizations strategic response to impacting and facilitating positive change in workforce diversity. The initiative should look at the internal and external needs of the organization in the area of diversity and culture and respond with a strategically aligned approach.

Initiatives can have a short-term or long-term focus, as well as very specific goals and objectives. The initiative must have visible support from top management in order to be effective; it should also have long-term organizational viability and sustainability. It should also be easily measurable and tied to the organization’s overall business strategy. In terms of implementing the initiative, the entire organization – from the top down – should be held accountable for implementation and the overall success.

We start with asking clients the following questions on Diversity & Inclusion:

  • What is your current Corporate Diversity “footprint” and philosophy?
  • Have you defined what you want your Diversity “footprint and identity” to be?
  • What are your intended D&I goals and objectives for the upcoming year?
  • What metrics are used to measure your goals and objectives?
  • Is your company recognized by salespeople and the sales community as being Diversity Friendly?

These are the important questions that the “Diversity Spotlight” program will help you frame, define and ultimately achieve. Our program objectives will impact, influence and highlight your fundamental Diversity & Inclusion Initiatives at the grassroots level. Let the sales community see what your company is all about by being in the “boots on the ground” forefront of achieving workforce diversity!

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According to a recent Society for Human Resource Management/Fortune survey, the majority of the 121 U.S. HR professionals who responded said that diversity initiatives affect their organizations’ bottom lines in several positive ways including:

  • improved corporate culture
  • improved recruitment of new employees
  • improved client relations
  • improved productivity

The “Diversity Spotlight” program highlights the best of corporate intentions and illustrates a resilient, fundamental support for cultural diversity in the workplace. SITC has amassed a total internal database of over 1.2 million sales professionals of which, over 400,000 in the Diversity Sales Network™ have self-identified themselves of being from multi-cultural and ethnically diverse backgrounds. The demographic breakdown for our Diversity Sales Network™ is African-American (44%), Latino (31%), Asian (14%), Indian/Subcontinent (8%) and Native Americans (3%) respectively. TOTAL MEMBERSHIP OF THIS GROUP ARE ALL EITHER SALESPEOPLE OR CANDIDATES INTERESTED IN STARTING A CAREER IN SALES!! Our NATIONAL database also gets updated and refreshed on a monthly basis as we reach out to different marketplaces all over the U.S. to add new members.

Whether you are company with a strong diversity platform in place and would like to augment what you already have established or you are a company searching for a serious starting point to addressing workforce diversity, we have a customizable Diversity Spotlight™ program for you. With options for local, regional or national packages, Please CONTACT US TODAY and find out how you can participate, increasing your corporate Diversity footprint, exposure and outreach!