Sales In The City ™ provides employers with many different solutions and resources to assist you in your Sales and Diversity recruiting efforts. All of our services can be customized and tailored to precisely address specific stated objectives and goals. Even in the hardest to fill geographies, we have a service that will allow you to tap into our extensive sales talent pool.

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The Sales Career Forum™

Since 1999, The Sales Career Forum™ has been the premiere “sales-specific” recruiting event for top companies across the country. Whether you are looking to fill an open sales position or looking to pipeline for future openings, The Sales Career Forum™ gives you the opportunity to meet some of the best sales professionals in the marketplace.

employersSITC specializes in the recruitment of business-to-business sales professionals. The effectiveness of our services is derived from fundamental recruitment strategies that deliver results. By augmenting your sales recruiting efforts, the execution we provide before, during and after our Sales Career Forum delivers a complete solution toward your goal achievement.

Delivering results in terms of both QUANTITY and QUALITY of sales professionals is the biggest difference between IRC’s Sales Career Forum and a regular job fair or Sales Career Event.

Things to know about the Sales Career Forum™

What: A sales recruiting event targeting only sales professionals or individuals looking to start a career in sales. We limit the participating companies to between 10-20. Generally, no more than 3-4 companies per industry to provide for a level of exclusivity.

Where: Held in most major metropolitan cities throughout the U.S. Usually at an Embassy Suites Hotel, where the client can use the front of the suite desk and table as a private interviewing area. Also sometimes in a ballroom/booth format.

When: Depending on the market, an event can take place in a market anywhere from 2-6 times on an annual basis.

Who attends: Only professional salespeople or candidates interested in a career in sales

Demographics show that Sales Career Forum™ sales candidates:

  • 93% have a 4 year degree or higher
  • 65% have between 2 and 7 years of business-to-business sales experience
  • 35% are a mix of sharp recent graduates and candidates with 1 to 2 years of sales experience

How do we do it?

BEFORE the Sales Career Forum:

  • Advertising your company, first to the 1.2 million sales professionals at  ,then on to other Internet job sites, College Alumni Networks and Local Business Colleges, specialty groups and organizations for the quality ACTIVE sales professionals.
  • Direct sourcing of PASSIVE sales professionals allowing you an opportunity to look at candidates who are currently employed and do not have their resume actively posted on the Internet, but are open to speaking with you about a better opportunity
  • Diversity recruiting initiative tapping into SITC’s own Diversity Sales Network™ to attract high caliber sales professionals with varying ethnic and cultural backgrounds
  • Prequalifying sales professionals by SITC’s sales recruiters trained in evaluating essential skill sets and motivated abilities, sales experience, as well as the talent and aptitude necessary to be an asset to your team

DURING the Sales Career Forum:

  • Advertising your company and opportunity within the Sales Career Forum™ program booklet including an individual recruitment ad page reaching a targeted audience of the top sales talent within the area. Companies in our “Diversity Spotlight Program” receive Diversity Sponsorship recognition at the event.
  • Prescreening sales professionals by professional SITC recruiters using your hiring profile, so you spend most of your time interviewing high-priority candidates and not screening out.
  • Promoting your company and opportunity to qualified sales candidates, who maybe were not initially interested in your opportunity, but possessing the necessary skill sets required. We then generate interest and excitement for a warm 1st level interview with these candidates, whom normally you would not see.
  • Targeting & Directing candidates that match your hiring profile to meet with you regarding the opportunity with your company, essentially acting as your advocate
  • Expectation – Depending on how specific your profile, you can expect to see between 20-30 sales professionals at a given event. Some clients have seen as many as 60. The most number of hires from a single event was 15!!

AFTER the Sales Career Forum:

  • Complete resume set of all attending sales professionals that have been evaluated by one of our recruiters and given consent for us to pass their resume on to participating companies.
  • Dedicated partner to support your ongoing efforts in staffing your organization with the top sales talent

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