Outbound Lead Generation Credo: #CHAMPS

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describe the imageLast week I met Christy Weymouth at the OpenView Labs outbound lead generation management workshop in Boston. Don’t know Christy? You should. She is the person who built the excellent outbound lead generation function at Exact Target. They just sold to Salesforce.com for $2.5 billion. Needless to say, people paid attention. 

Christy walked us through the credo for their team, something called #CHAMPS.  Tip of the hat to Christa Carpenter for coming up with the cool acronym.  It’s so simple that I loved it immediately and vowed to share it.


# – Numbers: know ‘em!

C – Calling is king

H – Hunter mentality

A – Always get referral

M – Make use of right tools

P – Prospect high and wide

S – Stay relevant

Not much to say about this other than I love it.  It abides by the principle of KISS: Keep It Simple Stupid.

What do you think?  What mantras or credos do your outbound lead generation teams live by?


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