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Pitch 330™

pitch330_womanYou are a SITC member, happily employed and not looking for a new job. You don’t need our job search tools, but you would like to increase your sales production with your current employer.

How can SITC help you close more business? If you are a good salesperson you must have mastered the presentation of features and benefits for your product or service.

The best salespeople are exceptional at obtaining new business or managing existing clients. Often times, it may take touching a prospect 10 times before they will even grant you time on the phone, which ultimately will lead to a face to face meeting. Passionately display why you love selling your product for your company to prospects and clients can help you land or retain more clients.

How can you get your face in front of a new prospect if they won’t return your calls? With your Pitch 330™ video presentation contained in your member profile, that’s how!

What is Pitch 330™?

Pitch 330™ is a 3½ minute general extended video presentation of your product or service.    This gives you the opportunity to perfect your sales pitch. Forward your SITC Pitch 330™ along with your member profile to those prospects who have not given you the opportunity to meet or those you wish to close. Your Pitch 330™ can bring you back to the top of interest and move them to a closing decision. Seventy percent of sales prospects polled say that they are more inclined to view your Pitch 330™, when they see the Sales in the City™ logo! Take advantage of this increased access to more prospects and turn that into more business closed. Also use Pitch 330™ to update existing customers on new product launches or upgrades that may be available to them.

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