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30secPitchPitch 30…..Sell yourself in 30 seconds!

Over the years, we have interviewed directly and face-to-face over a quarter million salespeople. The one comment we have heard more than any other is “I just want the hiring managers to see my face and hear my voice! When I send my resume online, they have no idea who I am! I feel like my resume goes into a “black hole!”

Candidates have always had the feeling that their resume goes into the proverbial “online black hole” with minimal chance of success. Presentation skills and dynamic impact are a vital and fundamental elements in the world of sales. It’s what makes a career in sales different than most other career paths. Every great sales person has an “elevator pitch.” The problem is a lot of times, they just don’t have the opportunity for hiring managers to hear it!  Pitch 30™ will give you that chance!

What is Pitch 30™?

Pitch 30™ is a short 30 second video introduction that attaches to a members’ profile. It is designed to deliver a quick snapshot of who the candidate is and allows them to put their professionalism, and presentation skills on display. By design, it is not meant to cover too much in detail, but this is a brief opportunity to have a hiring manager “see your face and hear your voice.” Some member Pitch 30™ videos will be randomly selected and highlighted on the homepage for the ultimate exposure opportunity.

Your Pitch 30™ message cannot exceed 45 seconds and should consist of ONLY:

  1. Name – We recommend that you use only your first name only in your Pitch 30™ video as we will FEATURE some Pitch 30’s on the SITC homepage. You can state your first and last name if you like, but we suggest only using only your first name to identify yourself, if you have any privacy concerns. Your resume will be attached to your profile, so clients will be able to locate you.
  2.  Education – Where you went to college, major, cumulative undergraduate GPA, do you have any advanced degrees etc… It is not necessary to list dates of graduation as that is always voluntary information.
  3. Sales Experience – How many years of sales experience and in what industries. If no sales experience then list relevant experience and why you would be successful salesperson. Not necessary to list or name previous employers.
  4. Brief Statement of interest – state what your objective is, most common are the following: 1) Currently & Happily employed SITC Member, 2) Active jobseeker, 3) Passive jobseeker, 4) recent college graduate, 5) career changer, 6) you’ve been out of sales for a while and looking to get back in, etc…

How to sell yourself in 30 seconds!


The use of video has had a world changing affect, while revolutionizing current and popular culture. This is your opportunity to get your face in front of those people who matter the most! Hiring Managers from some of the most prestigious companies in the world visit our website on a daily basis to find and hire their next SALES superstar. If you’re a SALES JOBSEEKER, there is no better audience anywhere. If you would like to have your Pitch 30™ receive consideration to be highlighted in our “Featured Member’s Pitch 30™” section on the SITC homepage for hiring managers to view, please send an email to our “Contact Us” and let us know. We will notify you if your Pitch 30™ has been selected to be featured. To receive consideration, keep in mind to please make sure your Pitch 30™ meets the verbiage guidelines set forth in this section.