Does inside sales matter to you?

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aaisp logoAre you passionate about or interested in inside sales?  I’m writing to invite you to the American Association of Inside Sales Professionals Leadership Summit in Chicago.

Yes I am a speaker and yes Vorsight is a sponsor.  But none of that matters. 

What matters is this incredible community of inside sales leaders that the Association brings together.  Why should you invest your time and money? 

  1. Inside sales is a movement that can’t be ignored. 
  2. The mission of the AA-ISP is to advance the professionalism and performance of inside sales – a noble cause.
  3. It is more of a family than it is a networking event – you will meet a lifelong friend.
  4. What you will learn is incredible – the content and speakers are outstanding.
  5. I believe that inside sales leaders care more about helping each other out than self-interest.

The AA-ISP changed my professional life and has changed the lives of many more.  Why go?  Because you owe it to yourself.  See you in Chicago on April 8 & 9:


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