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The Medical and Pharmaceutical Sales Network™ – (MPSN)

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The Medical and Pharmaceutical Sales Network™ – (MPSN)

Over the past 15 years our team has facilitated BIG PHARMA with everything from wide-scale national product launches to regional and local hiring. We have helped some of the biggest names in the industry as well as smaller companies to start-ups. We will act as your industry advocate, so once you join the MPSN, create a member profile with photo, Pitch 30™ and Optical Resume™, we will then submit your profile portfolio so that all of our clients will have access to your information. Companies we’ve helped include:

What can the MPSN do for you? What are your goals?

Members have different needs, so while some members may want help with a job search, others may want education and training or to connect with other Medical and Pharma members currently in the industry. We help with questions like the following:

  1. Do I need a CERTIFICATION to get into the Pharmaceutical/Medical industry?
  2. How do I get my foot in the door of this highly competitive industry?
  3. What companies are currently hiring and where?
  4. What type of sales experience do they look for?
  5. How do I show my past experience translates in the industry?
  6. What’s important to include in a “Brag Book?”
  7. What questions will I be asked in an interview?
  8. How do I prep for my medical sales interview?
  9. What things should I absolutely “ not say” during an interview?
  10. What healthcare resources should I use to “plug in” to the industry?

The Medical & Pharma Sales Network™ access is only offered to Premium members of SITC. Once an MPSN member, we can be a strong advocate for you in your pursuit of a pharmaceutical or medical device job and an ally if you are already in the industry. By joining the MPSN you will receive the full range of access to SITC member benefits as a Premium Level member. Premium Membership Features include:

Premium Membership – $59 ONE-TIME, LIFETIME FEE

    • *Membership is FREE when attending a Sales Career Forum. Upgrade at No Cost after meeting with SITC recruiters
    • Member Profile with Photo
    • Unlimited Job Search Capability
    • Unlimited Invitations to local Sales Career Forums – **WITH FAST TRACK PRIVILEGES
    • Access to the Interview Forum™
    • Invitations to informal “meet and greets” with local hiring managers – **FULL ACCESS
    • FREE Membership to The Sales Talent Network™
    • FREE Membership to The Diversity Sales Network™
    • FREE Membership to The College Sales Network™

**Membership to The Medical & Pharmaceutical Sales Network™ (MPSN)
**Upload 30 second Video Introduction (Pitch 30™)
**Upload Extended Video Cover Letter and Video Resume (Optical Resume™) or Extended Video Presentation (Pitch 330™)
**One FREE 30 day Feature & Bolding resume option annually
**Access to SITC $150K Sales Jobs
**Access to Ask the Expert
**Eligibility for SITC Salesperson of the month
**Eligibility for SITC National Salesperson of the year Honors
**25% discount off attendance to The Sales in the City™ National Sales Conference & National Sales Career Forum