The Diversity Sales Network™
diversity_sales_networkWhile our total SITC member database is over 1.2 million sales professionals, over 400,000 of those members have self-identified as being from a culturally diverse or minority ethnic group. Many of our corporate partners are very interested in having a more qualified diverse talent pool to choose from, so The Diversity Sales Network™ can provide its members with access to hiring managers from some of the best companies to work for in the U.S. Some of our current corporate network sponsors include Johnson & Johnson (including over 250 of J&J’s operating divisions), Prudential, Staples Business Advantage, Time Warner, Liberty Mutual and Farmer’s to name a few. Membership to the DSN is FREE FOR INDIVIDUAL MEMBERS, so it’s a great opportunity to receive job search help as well as assistance through education, sponsorship and mentorship. You may also be invited to local meet and greets, local area interviewing sessions as well as attending our annual, National conference set to be held of every year. Come and hear it from the company’s themselves, why diversity hiring and inclusive culture is important to them.

Featured Diversity Partners

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What our clients are saying about Diversity?

With the increase in Workforce Diversity & Inclusion Initiatives throughout corporate America, it has become a point of emphasis within many organizations to have the make-up of their staff, as well as their candidate talent pool, to more closely mirror and reflect the broad cultural variances we see in mainstream society. Striving to achieve an inclusive workforce that is more representative of how the world looks today can only expand a company’s customers reach, while help to strengthen existing core values. Click “JOIN TODAY” below and start connecting with some of the best companies in the world!


Companies interested in participating can “Contact Us” for more information about how to get involved and add your corporation to the Sponsorship assemblage.