It’s the age old question in the sales industry. Are great salespeople born or taught?

collegeRegardless of what the correct answer might be, a recent polling done by SITC of over 1000 current members shows that about 75% of salespeople knew that they wanted to pursue a career in professional sales while they were in college or shortly after receiving their degree. So regardless if a salesperson is born or taught, one thing is clear, most know that they would like to attempt a career in sales very early on. So we would like to provide a platform where these “early and future” sales leaders can have access to industry information, mentorship, internships, sales competition and recognition, a lifetime of career tools to help them succeed in sales and most importantly – jobs upon graduation.

The College Sales Network™ is comprised of current college students interested in pursuing a career in sales. If you have an idea that sales is what you want to do for a living when you graduate, we can help you successfully achieve your goals.

By joining the College Sales Network, you are already taking the first step in showing how serious you are about your career pursuit. Let us introduce you to the world of sales and help you stay connected to the industry, while networking with some of the most successful salespeople in the country.