A look back: Top 5 Favorite Sales Content Pieces of 2013

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With the close of another year, this is the best time to reflect on what went well in 2013 and how you can use those high points to jump start 2014.  To start, we’ve gathered a few content pieces that you, our readers, seem to have really enjoyed in 2013.  They range anywhere from blog posts to webinars. 


diagnostic1.  LinkedIn Diagnostic:  This document was a knockout piece in 2013.  With the ability to understand if your team is capitalizing on the phenomenon that is social selling, this assessment is sure to have staying power in 2014. Take it now>


describe the image2.  The Science of Using LinkedIn, Technology and Social Selling for Cold Calling:  We’re pretty sure a few attendance records were broken for this particular webinar. With the help of Ken Krogue of InsideSales.com, over 5,600 attendees learned how to enhance their cold calling skills with the use of tools like LinkedIn. With the success of this webinar, InsideSales.com also made helpful eBook.  Watch it now>

iStock 000018134007XSmall3.  3 Questions your team needs to ask when finding leads at events:  This was the most shared blog post of 2013 for the Inside Sales Tips blog.  For Vorsight, live events are one of the best sources of leads.  And by the looks of how many shares this blog got, it seems like this is the same sentiment for a lot of companies.  This two part series walks you through the best way to handle yourself at the tradeshow table as well as talking to prospects in person. Read it now>  


Screen shot 2014 01 08 at 1.05.39 PM4.  Sales Kickoff Research: While this piece was created in 2012 it continued to perform well in 2013.  In this eBook we take a good look at what sales reps want and don’t want out of a sales kick off meeting.  By now you’ve probably already planned your sales kickoff event for this year but do keep this research in your back pocket. 
Read it now>       



iStock 000018134007XSmall5.  5 Ways to get call backs from sales voicemails:  Coming in at an extremely close second, this blog maps out the best ways to get prospects to call you back from a voicemail.  It also helps that we provided a little audio clip to truly demonstrate a great voicemail for you. Read it now>     



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