3 Ways Sales Managers Can Reinforce Sales Training

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reinforce trainingThese days you can’t read an article on sales training without learning about how many billions of dollars we’re wasting on training that never sticks with the sales team. And who can disagree? It’s common sense that sales leaders who treat sales training as an event don’t see ROI.

But the underlying problem is that most progressive sales leaders are looking at investments in sales training in reverse. The question of how we should reinforce sales training should be asked at the starting point of evaluating sales training, not the end. The following are 3 ways you as the manager can do to reinforce sales training.


1. Conduct Regular Best Practices (BP) Sessions

No we’re not talking about oil spills in the Gulf. A best practices meeting is an opportunity for a team of 2 to 20 sales reps to gather under the flag of continuous improvement. BP sessions allow sales reps who might not interact with each other on a regular basis to cross pollinate. 

2.  Use an enterprise social network

Reinforcing sales training is all about constantly remembering the content until it becomes second nature (like driving a car). Trying new techniques can sometimes be uncomfortable for sales reps. There is a temptation to slide back into their old way of doing things. 

Enterprise social networks are a great place for reps to speak candidly about challenges they are facing and get constant reminders of the sales training content. Several Vorsight clients report using tools like SFDC Chatter or Yammer for reps to post on what’s working and what’s not. The benefit to these forums is that they are public and keep a history of posts and interactions. 

Social business networks make what you learned in sales training the topic of day-to-day conversation. It makes recalling and discussing the training program fun for the reps. They are a great help especially if your team skews Millennial.    

3.  Do calls at 30/60/90 days with your sales training vendor

When evaluating sales training vendors you need to know how they interact with you during the critical 3 months following the foundational sales training program.  At Vorsight we insist that clients schedule regular web meetings with us at 30, 60, and 90 days following the sales training.  During these calls we review process metrics for prospecting and qualification.  We discuss what’s been done thus far to refresh and reinforce the sales training workshop.  We drill down on how the front line sales managers utilize coaching as part of the weekly routine.  From this review we are able to determine which adjustments to make at the team and individual level to improve performance. 

We act like your doctor.  We give you a check up to make sure you are eating your veggies and getting regular exercise.  We can’t force you to do it, but we’ll be in your face if you don’t.

What are some ways you’ve implemented a sales reinforcement strategy at your organization?


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